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Welcome to
The Citadel

The Citadel is a Solana NFT project based on the crypto citadel meme

From the cryptocurrency era, a new generation of elite degenerates emerged. However, only a select few had the opportunity to become citizens of the Crypto Citadel. The Cryptonians are now split into three major factions, the bulls, the bears, and the apes. Together they form this elite community with enough power to change the fate of the world.

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Titles Collection

Phase 1 - The Citadel Titles

The first phase of the project is a generative NFT drop of 10,000 unique titles. These titles will be used to distinguish yourself in The Citadel and shape your online persona, for example, when used as a Twitter handle. Why identify yourself as NFT#XXXX when you can have your own unique title?

Pre-Sale Starts in:

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Avatars Collection

Phase 2 - The Citadel Avatars

The second phase is a generative NFT drop of 10,000 avatars matching the title NFTs. The avatar drop will be exclusive to title NFT holders, and the avatar traits will be generated depending on the title in the minting wallet. This will complete your online persona with both a title and an avatar you can use to uniquely distinguish yourself.

Bull title.png

The middle word of every three word title is an attribute. During the avatar minting, the specific set an avatar can get traits from is determined by this attribute. For example, if you have the Evil Dark Bull title in your wallet, the avatar you mint will be eligible to get a combination of traits from the basic set and dark set.

We have created different sets of clothing which avatars can get traits from. There is one basic set that all avatars are eligible to get traits from, while there are also specific sets. Each avatar (except a few 1/1 rares) is a unique combination of traits from the basic set and a single specific set.

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The Citadel Creators

CitaLabs - The masterminds behind The Citadel

With this project, we at CitaLabs aim to create the first virtual city where people from all over the world can co-exist. 

Chad Ethereum Bear

Ape King

Evil Dark Bull



What is an NFT?

An non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset stored on the blockchain. This is stored in the form of a token that represents ownership and is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet.

How do I buy your NFTs?

You will first need to set up a Solana wallet. Many people use Phantom wallet which can be used as a browser extension. You can then connect to our website and use the mint button during the minting period.

What is the mint price?

The price for the titles drop will be around $100, while the price for the avatars will be around $300. The price for the titles pre-sale is $80. We cannot give the exact SOL price at the moment since the market is volatile.

What are the royalties?

We have decided that 50% of all profit made from secondary market sales will be distributed to holders at the end of every month. This will only go into affect after all NFTs from the particular collection are minted.

What are the plans for secondary markets?

We have already spoken to Digitaleyes and will be listing our "The Citadel Titles" collection on their platform after the public mint. We also have plans to list on other marketplaces.